Azure DevOps Step by Step Tutorial

In this video we will be understanding what is Azure DevOps and How it actually works for delivering software fast and smooth. These are the chapters covered - Chapter 1:- Opening Azure Devops account and creating project. Chapter 2:- Devops Fundamentals and EIGHT structure life cycle of Devops. Chapter 3:- Accessing Azure devops project from Azure portal. Chapter 4:- Understanding Organization,Project structure. Chapter 5:- Understanding Private and Public project. Chapter 6:- Mapping Boards,Repos,Pipelines,Testplan & Artifacts with Devops life cycle. Chapter 7:- Revising the five important elements of Azure devops. Chapter 8:- Step 1 The planning phase :- Understanding Boards and work items. Chapter 9:- Step 2 Execution :- Checking Simple MVC project code, Cloning, Commit,Synch