Software Architecture and Design Patterns Interview Questions

Software Architecture and Design Patterns Interview Questions

ASP.NET, C# (Csharp) Job Market Analysis for the year 2024

This 30 Minutes of video will give you in-debth analysis about ASP.NET Job Market and how ASP.NET Developer can align and upgrade their skills with Azure, Azure DevOps, Angular, ReactJS, Microservices Architecture, Kubernetes and a lot more as demanded by the industry.

Tableau Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Tableau Step by Step

In this tutorial we will try to understand about Tableau from scratch to advanced. Below are the given chapters we will go through step by step:- Chapter 1 : What is Tableau ?, Chapter 2 : Features of Tableau ?, Chapter 3 : Installation of Tableau Desktop/Public ?, Chapter 4 : Creating our first visualization & exploring user-interface of tableau, Data Source Page, Table Relationship, Sheets, Dashboards, Story, Side Bar, Shelves ?, Chapter 5 : What is BI, Dimensions and Measures ?, Chapter 6 :What is Data Blending ?, Chapter 7 : View Data, Data Types, Sort, Column Formating ?, Chapter 8 :Saving Tableau Project and Publishing to Tableau Public Server ?, Chapter 9 : Live vs Extract in Tableau ?, Chapter 10 : Difference Between Discrete and Continuous ?, Chapter 11 : Understanding Aggregation

C# Garbage Collector (GC) Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1 : - Explain Garbage collector (GC)? Question 2 :- How does Garbage collector know when to clean the objects ? Question 3 :- Is there a way we can see this Heap memory ? Question 4 :- Does Garbage collector clean primitive types ? Question 5 : - Managed vs UnManaged code/objects/resources? Question 6 :- Can garbage collector clean unmanaged code ? Question 7 :- Explain Generations ? Question 8 :- What is GC0,GC1, and GC2 ? Question 9 :- Why do we need Generations ? Question 10 :- Which is the best place to clean unmanaged objects ? Question 11 :- How does GC behave when we have a destructor ? Question 12 :- What do you think about empty destructor ? Question 13 :- Explain the Dispose Pattern? Question 14 :- Finalize vs Destructor ? Question 15 :- What is the use of using keyword

Power BI Step by Step Tutorial for beginners (in 2 hours)

Chapter 1:- What is Business Intelligence, Power BI and Why Power BI ? Chapter 2:- How to Download and Install Power BI Chapter 3:- Interface Tour of Power BI Desktop Chapter 4:- Connecting to Text/CSV Source File Chapter 5:- Power Query Editor : Shaping up CSV Data, Working with Applied Steps, Renaming Data Table, Headers and Removing Blank Rows, Error Data, Replacing Values. Chapter 6:- Loading Multiple Data : Excel Data with CSV Data. Chapter 7:- Creating Duplicating Columns For Creating Relationship in Data Model. Chapter 8:- Loading and Formatting Data in Stacked Bar Visual, Creating & Duplicating Pages Chapter 9:- Working with Clustered Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart and Funnel Chart Chapter 10:- Working with Slicers, Table, Donut Charts, Maps, Cards Chapter 11 :- Understand ty

Azure DevOps Step by Step Tutorial

In this video we will be understanding what is Azure DevOps and How it actually works for delivering software fast and smooth. These are the chapters covered - Chapter 1:- Opening Azure Devops account and creating project. Chapter 2:- Devops Fundamentals and EIGHT structure life cycle of Devops. Chapter 3:- Accessing Azure devops project from Azure portal. Chapter 4:- Understanding Organization,Project structure. Chapter 5:- Understanding Private and Public project. Chapter 6:- Mapping Boards,Repos,Pipelines,Testplan & Artifacts with Devops life cycle. Chapter 7:- Revising the five important elements of Azure devops. Chapter 8:- Step 1 The planning phase :- Understanding Boards and work items. Chapter 9:- Step 2 Execution :- Checking Simple MVC project code, Cloning, Commit,Synch

Aggregation vs Composition vs Association in C#

Question 1 :- What are the different types of "USING/HAS A" relationship ? Question 2 :- What is a composition relationship ? Question 3 :- Explain Aggregation ? Question 4 :- Explain Association ? Question 5 :- Differentiate between Composition vs Aggregation vs Association ? Question 6 :- UML Symbols for Composition, Aggregation and Association

MSBI Interview Questions & Answers for BI Developers.

Question 1: What is ETL Process with example? Question 2: Difference between control flow and data flow in SSIS? Question 3: Explain the architecture of SSIS? Question 4: Explain the types of Perfmon counters for SSIS? Question 5: Explain the types of Cache Mode in SSIS Lookup component? Question 6: SSIS Variables vs Parameters? Question 7: How to Schedule SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package? Question 8: How to pass variable as a parameter in Execute SQL Task SSIS? Questions 9: How to send mails in SSIS? Questions 10: SSIS Pivot and Unpivot? Question 11: What is Aggregation in SSAS? Question 12: What are Partitions in SSAS? Question 13: Explain Types of SSAS Storage Modes? Question 14: SSAS Relationships Types? Question 15: Named calculation vs Named query in SSAS? Question 16:

Stack Heap Boxing Unboxing Value Type Reference Type in C#

In this video we have covered 21 Interview Questions related to Boxing, Unboxing, Value Type

Angular Tutorial - Learn basics of Angular step by step.

This angular Tutorial is for beginners who wants to kickstart their career in Angular. With this step by step and project based tutorial you can gain a solid understanding of how to get started with Angular Technology.

C# Interview Questions :- What is the use of IEnumerable in C Sharp?

This video described a brief answer about why we need IEnumerable Interface in C#.

Explain Abstraction is not Abstract Class?

In this video we have answered one of the tricky c# interview questions with code example.

MySQL Interview Questions and Answers.

This MYSQL Interview Questions and Answers video covers a wide range of questions, From basic to advanced for fresher and experts. Watching this MYSQL interview preparation video completely, you will be able to pass any MYSQL job interview without any hassle. All of the questions are thoroughly explained, with simple explanations that are easy to remember.

Design Pattern & Software Architecture Step by Step Project based Training

In this training we have discussed about basics to learn about design pattern in C# and how to apply them in live training.

JavaScript Interview Questions & Answers (for beginners and developers)

In this video we have covered some of the top and important Javascript interview questions with answers -

PHP Interview Questions and Answers for fresher and developer.

This video covers "20 PHP Interview Questions" along with answers based on "Frequently Asked Questions" in the Interview - Question 01 :- What is PHP, Question 02 :- Advantages of using PHP, Question 03 :- What are popular frameworks in PHP, Question 04 :- What are popular Content Management System (CMS) in PHP, Question 05 :- What is the difference between "echo" and "print" in PHP, Question 06 :- How a variable is declared in PHP, Question 07 :- What is the difference between $message and $$message, Question 08 :- How to write JavaScript in PHP, Question 09 :- How show Javascript alert with PHP variable,

Crack Power BI Interviews with five Important Tips.

In this video we have discussed key points which will help you ace your power BI interview with ease.

OOPS (CSharp) Interview Questions and Answers.

This video on C# OOPS explains top interview questions you should prepare for.

Top Power Interview Questions and Answers.

Question 1 :- What are Calculated columns ?(Where can calculated columns be created in power bi?) Question 2 :- What are calculated measures in Power BI (Where can calculated measures be created in Power BI?) Question 3 :- Difference between Calculated Column and Measure in Power BI? Question 4 :- What are M codes in power BI (Where Can You Write Power Query M Code?) Question 5 :- What are Parameters in Power bi? Question 6 :- What is Power BI data gateway? Question 7 :- Do we need data gateway for schedule refresh in Power bi? Question 8 :- What is Query Folding in Power BI? Question 9 :- What is the use of Split function in Power BI? Question 10 :- Difference between visual level, page level and report level filters in Power BI?

20+ SQL Interview Questions & Answers.

This video will take you through some important basic questions on SQL Sever.

5 Important ASP.NET Interview Questions on Dependency Injection.

This video is demonstrating top 5 ASP.NET Interview Questions with sample answers around Dependency Injection(DI) :- What is need of Dependency Injection?, Explain Inversion of Control (IOC). Benefits of Dependency Injection? Scoped vs Transient vs Singleton? When should we use what?

Day 1 of Angular with MVC Core using EF and SQL Server Live Training.

This live session was conducted on Angular pre-requisite - Node, NPM, Closures, IIFE and Typescript in Angular.

Day 1 of React with MVC Core using EF and SQL Server Live Training.

In this live session of React training we had discussed some React basics practically and theoretically :- Lab 1 - Simple example of React, Understanding React Dom and React Component(Theory), Lab 2 - JSX JavaScript XML - write HTML with JavaScript, Importance of Babel Compile(Theory), Lab 3 - React Component Using ES6, What are Closures?, Lab 4 - React Component using pure functions., Lab 5 - Writing Simple click events in React using functions & classes.

10 important Angular interview questions

Question 1 :- What are Directive & Different Types? Question 2 :- Use of SPA? Question 3 :- What is Routing? Question 4 :- Why do we need Lazy Loading? Question 5 :- Angular Life cycle? Question 6 :- Constructor vs ngoninit? Question 7 :- What are Services? Question 8 :- Dependency Injection? Question 9 :- How to make HTTP Calls? Question 10 :- RxJS

Difference between VAR and Dynamic Keywords in C#(C# Interview Questions)

This tutorial is explanation to what exactly is VAR keyword and Dynamic keyword in C#.

ASP.NET Interview question :- Does Session use Cookies?

This video will answer to a very common question asked in ASP.NET MVC Interviews on Session and Cookies.

C# Interview Question :- C# Constructor execution order Parent Child.

One of the most asked C# interview questions - Which constructor will get executed first in a Parent Child Relationship.

C# Interview Questions & Answers :- Abstract Class VS Interface.

This video is demonstration to differentiate between Absract Classes and Interfaces in C#.

ASP.NET MVC Core Interview questions & answers

This video covering 25 MVC Core questions with detailed answers.

Angular interview questions with answers.

This video is answer to 25 angular interview questions with examples.

Learn C# step by step(for beginners).

In this beginners tutorial you will be learning csharp programming from scratch.

C# Interview Questions with Answers

This video is covering around 30 important questions on CSharp.

Learn ASP.NET MVC 5 ( Model View Controller) Step by Step in 2 days (16 hours)

This video will teach you ASP.NET MVC 5 in 2 days i.e. in 16 hours. So keep watching , practicing and do not give up.

Series of videos on SharePoint 2010

This is a playlist of three sets of videos based on SharePoint 2010.

Software Architecture - OCP Violation

Software Architecture - OCP Violation

Software architecture with real time scenario

Software architecture with real time scenario

How To Consume Webservices in Ajax

How To Consume Webservices in Ajax