Top Power Interview Questions and Answers.

Question 1 :- What are Calculated columns ?(Where can calculated columns be created in power bi?) Question 2 :- What are calculated measures in Power BI (Where can calculated measures be created in Power BI?) Question 3 :- Difference between Calculated Column and Measure in Power BI? Question 4 :- What are M codes in power BI (Where Can You Write Power Query M Code?) Question 5 :- What are Parameters in Power bi? Question 6 :- What is Power BI data gateway? Question 7 :- Do we need data gateway for schedule refresh in Power bi? Question 8 :- What is Query Folding in Power BI? Question 9 :- What is the use of Split function in Power BI? Question 10 :- Difference between visual level, page level and report level filters in Power BI?

20+ SQL Interview Questions & Answers.

This video will take you through some important basic questions on SQL Sever.

5 Important ASP.NET Interview Questions on Dependency Injection.

This video is demonstrating top 5 ASP.NET Interview Questions with sample answers around Dependency Injection(DI) :- What is need of Dependency Injection?, Explain Inversion of Control (IOC). Benefits of Dependency Injection? Scoped vs Transient vs Singleton? When should we use what?

Day 1 of Angular with MVC Core using EF and SQL Server Live Training.

This live session was conducted on Angular pre-requisite - Node, NPM, Closures, IIFE and Typescript in Angular.

Day 1 of React with MVC Core using EF and SQL Server Live Training.

In this live session of React training we had discussed some React basics practically and theoretically :- Lab 1 - Simple example of React, Understanding React Dom and React Component(Theory), Lab 2 - JSX JavaScript XML - write HTML with JavaScript, Importance of Babel Compile(Theory), Lab 3 - React Component Using ES6, What are Closures?, Lab 4 - React Component using pure functions., Lab 5 - Writing Simple click events in React using functions & classes.

10 important Angular interview questions

Question 1 :- What are Directive & Different Types? Question 2 :- Use of SPA? Question 3 :- What is Routing? Question 4 :- Why do we need Lazy Loading? Question 5 :- Angular Life cycle? Question 6 :- Constructor vs ngoninit? Question 7 :- What are Services? Question 8 :- Dependency Injection? Question 9 :- How to make HTTP Calls? Question 10 :- RxJS

Difference between VAR and Dynamic Keywords in C#(C# Interview Questions)

This tutorial is explanation to what exactly is VAR keyword and Dynamic keyword in C#.

ASP.NET Interview question :- Does Session use Cookies?

This video will answer to a very common question asked in ASP.NET MVC Interviews on Session and Cookies.

C# Interview Question :- C# Constructor execution order Parent Child.

One of the most asked C# interview questions - Which constructor will get executed first in a Parent Child Relationship.

C# Interview Questions & Answers :- Abstract Class VS Interface.

This video is demonstration to differentiate between Absract Classes and Interfaces in C#.

ASP.NET MVC Core Interview questions & answers

This video covering 25 MVC Core questions with detailed answers.

Angular interview questions with answers.

This video is answer to 25 angular interview questions with examples.

Learn C# step by step(for beginners).

In this beginners tutorial you will be learning csharp programming from scratch.

C# Interview Questions with Answers

This video is covering around 30 important questions on CSharp.

Learn ASP.NET MVC 5 ( Model View Controller) Step by Step in 2 days (16 hours)

This video will teach you ASP.NET MVC 5 in 2 days i.e. in 16 hours. So keep watching , practicing and do not give up.

Series of videos on SharePoint 2010

This is a playlist of three sets of videos based on SharePoint 2010.

Software Architecture - OCP Violation

Software Architecture - OCP Violation

Software architecture with real time scenario

Software architecture with real time scenario

How To Consume Webservices in Ajax

How To Consume Webservices in Ajax