SQL Server interview questions - Can you explain Referential Integrity in SQL Server?

Referential Integrity is a DataBase concept that ensures the relationship between tables remainsconsistent, where one table has a foreign key reference to the other table which is declared asprimary key.

LINQ interview questions: -How does LINQ to SQL differ from Entity framework?

LINQ to SQL is good for rapid development with SQL Server. EF is for enterprise scenarios and works with SQL server as well as other databases.

SQL Server interview questions: - Can we  convert a Table Data in to XML format in SQL Server?

This is one of the typical SQL Server interview questions and also the favorable question of the interviewers. The interviewers ask this question to check your skills on converting the table data in to XML format but many of your developer friends fails i

SQL Server interview questions: - Show us SQL injection in SQL Server?

This is one of the most favorite SQL Server interview questions asked by the interviewer.

SQL Server interview questions: - What are ACID fundamental and transactions in SQL SERVER?

A transaction is a sequence of operations performed as a single logical unit of work. A logical unit of work must exhibit four properties, called the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) properties, to qualify as a transaction:

SQL Server interview questions: -Types of replication supported by SQL SERVER?

There are three types of replication supported by SQL SERVER:-

SQL Server interview questions: - Find the Age of an Employee whose Age is greater than 30 using SQL query.

This is one of the most typical questions asked in most of the interviews and is the favorable question of interviewers to check your skill on SQL.

SQL Server interview questions: - Two Methods that explains to back-up SQL Server Database and Restore Database?

There are basically two ways (methods) in order to back-up SQL Server Database and Restore database.

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