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SQL Server interview questions: -Types of replication supported by SQL SERVER?

There are three types of replication supported by SQL SERVER:-

(a) Snapshot Replication.

Snapshot Replication takes snapshot of one database and moves it to the other database. After initial load data can be refreshed periodically. The only disadvantage of this type of replication is that all data has to be copied each time the table is refreshed.

(b) Transactional Replication

In transactional replication, data is copied first time as in snapshot replication, but later only the transactions are synchronized rather than replicating the whole database. You can either specify to run continuously or on periodic basis.

(c) Merge Replication.

Merge replication combines data from multiple sources into a single central database. Again as usual, the initial load is like snapshot but later it allows change of data both on subscriber and publisher, later when they come on-line it detects and combines them and updates accordingly.

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