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MVC vs ASP.NET ( MVC Interview question with answers )?

Microsoft initially wanted to bring out Visual development in website development. For that it came up with something called Asp.net Web Forms. Then with visual studio 2008 they came up with second flavor of Asp.net that is Asp.net MVC.


Now the biggest question is if Asp.Net web Form was already there why Asp.Net MVC introduced?



Asp.net Web Forms

Asp.Net MVC

Control over HTML

Less control over HTML generated. Example Asp.net Label will be rendered as span in chrome and IE but rendered as label tag in Mozilla.

In Asp.Net MVC Server controls are not supported so only choice left with us is using HTML controls and so we get complete control over Generated HTML.


There is no Fixed architecture for Asp.net Web Forms.

Project structure is predefined.

Unit Testing support

Automatic unit testing of code behind classes is very difficult.

There is no code behind. We have Controller and Model classes. Both of which are simple classes so can easily be tested.


Viewstate increases the size of the page affecting performance.

No Viewstate so better performance.

Parallel development

The time when one developer will be working on ASPX, second developer may can't work on code behind (because he is unaware about the controls other developer is adding - specially id of the controls)

The time when one developer will be working on View, second developer may work on controller.

Less Learning effort

Easy to learn

Difficult when compared to Web Forms


Best for Rapid application development.

Not best one.


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