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ASP.NET MVC interview questions: - What are the differences between different versions of ASP.NET MVC - MVC2, MVC3 & MVC4?

These days one of the most favorite ASP.NET MVC interview questions of the interviewer.

ASP.NET MVC is the new flavor of ASP.NET technology for creating web based applications.With every release it introduced some new features. They are


  • Display and Editor Templates - Render display or editor controls based on data type of data model.
  • Areas - Break your project into modules.
  • Introduction to asynchronous controllers
  • Default Value attribute in action method
  • Data Annotations
  • ValidationSummary method inside HtmlHelper class
  • RequireHttpsAttribute
  • Support for HTTPPost,HTTPGet,HTTPPut and HTTPDelete attributes. - Make your action method request specific.


  • Introduction to ViewBag
  • Introduction to Razor
  • New Html5 enabled project templates
  • Support for creating user defined view engines
  • Global Action Filters
  • New action results like HttpNotFoundResult, RedirectPermanentResult, RedirectToRoutePermanent, RedirectToActionPermanent and HttpStatusCodeResult.
  • Unobtrusive validation and Ajax support
  • Client side validation support
  • Support for RemoteValidation
  • Easy injection of custom controllers, model binders, views, filters, Model Validation providers
  • NUGET support
  • More control over request validation - support for AllowHtml and ValidateRequest Attribute


  • New Project templates for Mobile
  • Support for Display Modes
  • Task support for asynchronous controllers
  • New Empty Project Template
  • Any ware controller support
  • Bundling and Minification

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