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ASP.NET MVC written test Interview question

Below is a MVC written test Interview question paper which was given to senior people to do pre-evaluation.

If you are supposed to do validation in MVC what the best approach?

  • Write the validation in the models.
  • Use data annotations like [required] validator.

You want to implement Ajax in MVC, what will you do?

  • XML HTTP Request
  • Use JSON and JQUERY calls
  • Update panel

You want to create SEO friendly URL's in MVC?

  • Routing
  • Create custom HTTP handlers and use VERB

Which of the below statements are false?

  • Viewdata helps to pass data from controller to view.
  • Tempdata helps to pass data from controller to controller.
  • Viewdata helps to pass data from view to controller.

If you want to bind two models with a view?

  • Not possible with MVC
  • Use ViewModel

You want to emit out JSON from MVC?

  • Serialize the object and pass it back
  • Use JSONResult
  • Use WCF and emit out JSON

How is the hierarchy in Angular?

  • Controller -> App -> Model
  • App ->Controller-> Model

You want to compress your JavaScript files in MVC?

  • Use Winrar
  • Use Bundling and minification

You want to make cross domain JSON calls :-

  • Enable cross domain in web.config file of JSON project.
  • Use [CrossDomain] attribute.
  • CORS does not work by design

What is the use of filters ?

  • Filters and queries SQL
  • Does preprocessing and post processing logic

Can we do pessimistic locking in EF ?

  • Yes
  • No

You want to render MVC ASCX ?

  • Use RenderAction
  • Use RenderPartial

Is it possible to create a custom view engine like Razor ?

  • No
  • Yes

How to enable Lazy loading in EF ?

  • Use include
  • Use stored procedures.
  • None of the above , it enabled by default.

What is false about WebAPI ?

  • It does content negotiation.
  • Emits out JSON and XML
  • Emits out WCF SOAP

You have heavy Action which is taking lot of time ?

  • Create that site on a different app pool.
  • Use Delegates
  • Use Async controllers.

In case you are fresher to MVC start from the below video

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