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C# and .NET interview question: - Cross word puzzle?

Below is a great .NET and c# interview question puzzle. Print it and solve it , we are sure it help you prepare for .NET  and c# interview in a better way.


1.     4. DLL which can store images.
2.     7. Web service+remoting+MSMQ+COM plus
3.     9. make Objects to stream of bytes
4.   11. Store DLL in a common place
5.   12. most used architecture pattern with WPF and Silverlight
6.   13. parent-child relationship

1.    1. Pointer to a function
2.    2. Only one instance of a class
3.    3. heart of .NET framework
4.    5. hides complexity of classes
5.    6. half defined classes
6.    8. Value type to reference type
7.  10. Encapsulation over delegates

The above puzzle is taken from the book .NET interview question by Shivprasad Koirala.

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