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C# interview question with answers: - How did you version your .NET applications?

These kinds of c# interview questions are normally asked to senior people like team lead and above.


Versioning of .NET is done by using 4 part-identifier as shown below:-



So you will find software with version numbers like "". For instance one of the .NET framework version which was released for SP1 windows 7 edition version number is " 3.5.30729.4926".


So let's try to understand all the four parts in the version identifier.


Major version: - This number is incremented when:-


  • You break compatibility with previous versions.
  • Changes are big enough and lots of clients are getting affected.
  • Major new features are added.
  • Big UI interface change.
  • Major changes in database schema etc.
  • Major change request which can affect lot of client.


In other words this number signifies major changes to the software.


Minor version: - This number is incremented when:-


  • Compatibility is maintained and some small new features are added.
  • Serving some minor change request.
  • You are doing minor changes to the software.


Revision: - This number is incremented when you are normally doing bug fixes, small improvements etc. No new features are added in this scenario.


Build number: - To achieve revisions you need to build your code. This number is incremented every time you do a build.


You can specify the 4 part version identifier by right clicking on visual studio, properties , click on application tab and then on assembly information.


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