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C# Interview question: - Correct version of C# and .NET framework

I was asked a question in an interview, that What will be the Version of C# if you are using .NET Version 3.5??I understand that whatever version of .net we are using we can use the c# of version upto that version so i think right answer would be 3.5Version of C#. But does 3.5 version of C# even exists??

I am not sure what would be answer to this. Can you please clarify?.

Answer: - First it's sad to see these kind of questions in senior interviews as they do not test developers capability.

There is no direct mapping of language and framework versions. In other words if you have .NET 3.5 does not mean that you have C# 3.5. For .NET 3.5 we its C# 3.0. Mostly languages do not have minor versions. In other words you will not see C# 3.5 , C# 4.5 and so on. It mostly major versions. Below is the list of framework and C# versions. 

C# 1.0 .NET 1.0
C# 1.2 .NET 1.1
C# 2.0 .NET 2.0
C# 3.0 .NET 3.5
C# 4.0 .NET 4
C# 5.0 .NET 4.5
C# 6.0 .NET 4.6


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