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Explain important Jquery selectors? (Jquery Interview Questions)

You can select HTML elements using Jquery in the following ways:-

Select all

Below is a simple code snippet which selects all elements and hides them.


Select by Element

Below code selects all paragraph element tags in the HTML and hides them.


Select by ID

If your HTML elements have id's like the below HTML code and you want to select the same by id.

<p id="p1">Some Para</p>

Below is how the Jquery code by ID selection code would look like.


Select by class

If your HTML element has class names and you want to select them in jquery using them you need use the dot followed by the classname as shown in the below code.

<p class="class1">Some Para</p>



Select by class and element

Consider the below HTML code where we have elements with "class" names.

<p class="c1">para 1</p>

<p class="c1">para 2</p>
<p class="c2">para 2</p>

<p class="c2">para 2</p>


So if you wish to select by "element" and "class" in Jquery your selector code becomes something as below.


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