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Explain routed events in WPF (C# WPF interview questions with answers)?

This question needs understand of WPF visual tree and logical tree, so please first read about the same from http://dotnetinterviewquestion.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/explain-the-difference-between-visual-and-logical-tree-in-wpf-wpf-interview-questions-with-answers/ and then read the below answer.

Routed events are those events which travel up or down the visual tree hierarchy. WPF events can be classified in to 3 types:-

Direct events: - Event is raised at the source and handled at the source itself.

Bubbling events: - They travel up the visual tree hierarchy. For example "MouseDown" is a bubbling event.

Tunneling events: - These events travel down the visual tree hierarchy. "PreviewKeyDown" is a tunneling event.

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