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How can we add and remove data from local storage?(ASP.NET HTML 5 interview questions)

Data is added to local storage using "key" and "value". Below sample code shows country data "India" added with key value "Key001".


To retrieve data from local storage we need to use "getItem" providing the key name.

var country = localStorage.getItem("Key001");

You can also store JavaScript object's in the local storage using the below code.

var country = };

country.name = "India";

country.code = "I001";

localStorage.setItem("I001", country);

var country1 = localStorage.getItem("I001");

If you want to store in JSON format you can use "JSON.stringify" function as shown in the below code.


What is the lifetime of local storage?

Local storage does not have a life time it will stay until either the user clear it from the browser or you remove it using JavaScript code.

Below is a ASP.NET interview question with answer video which explains how response.redirect is different from server.transfer.

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