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How can you handle multiple submit buttons? (ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions)

Let us try to understand what the interviewer is asking.

If you have two submit buttons as shown in the below code and you want that when end user click first submit button, "X" action should fire and in the other submit button click "Y" action should fire. What is the best way to achieve the same?.

The first way is by creating two form tags and every submit button goes in to those individual form tags as shown in the below code. So if you click on submit button "sub1" it will post to "Action1" and if the end user clicks on "sub2" it will post to "Action2".

In case the interviewer complains that the above approach is not AJAX. Then you can give the below Javascript and JQUERY approach. So in every submit button click we are invoking their respective functions and in their respective functions we are invoking JQUERY POST's.

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