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HTML 5 Canvas Interview questions: - Canvas in HTML 5.

This article will deal with canvas topic. This is HTML 5 interview questions which is often asked now a days by the interviewer.

What is Canvas in HTML 5?

It let us create graphics on the web page with the help of client side scripting.

How canvas looks like by default?

Canvas (by default) results into a rectangular container with no border and no content.

What should we do if we want to specify border for canvas?

We can use css style tag as follows,

In order to draw graphics what is the basic thing which is required?

We need to get reference of canvas object in JavaScript and for that we will us "id" of canvas and "document.getElementById" method of javascript.

How to make sure Canvas is supported in the browser using java script?

We use getContext of canvas object.

How to work with rectangles inside canvas?

We have three methods for that fillRect, strokeRect and clearRect.

What is the difference between fillRect and strokeRect?


fillRect let us draw a filled rectangle.

strokeRect let us draw a rectangle with only ourline.

Parameters -

  • X-coordinate
  • Y-coordinate
  • Width
  • Height



What does clearRect function?

It clears the specified area and makes it fully transparent.

What else we can do other than rectangle in canvas?

It supports many shapes like line, circle, different kind curved shapes such as Bezier and quadraticcureves. Canvas let us work with wide range of formatting options like text formatting, gradients etc.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and learned something new. Your comments and votes are always welcome.

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