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.NET interview questions: - Can we implement dynamic polymorphism?

.NET interview questions: - Can we implement dynamic polymorphism?

This is the .NET interview questions which you come across many a times. So following is the answer to it with explanation.

Dynamic polymorphism is implemented by using overriding and virtual keyword.

Below is a simple code snippet which has three classes, Customer class is the parent class.CustomerDiscount10Percent and CustomerDiscount20Percent are child classes.

Customer parent class has a discount function which returns zero discounts. This function is defined as virtual and then overridden by both the child classes with 10 and 20% discount.

class Customerpublic string customerName;public string customerCode;public virtual int Discount()return 0;}}class CustomerDiscount10Percent : Customerpublic override int Discount()return 10;}}class CustomerDiscount20Percent : Customerpublic override int Discount()return 20;}}

At the client side on the fly your parent object can point to any child classes and invoke the child implementation accordingly. This is called as dynamic polymorphism; the parent object can point to any of the child objects and invoke the child function dynamically.

Customer obj;obj = new CustomerDiscount10Percent();obj = new CustomerDiscount20Percent();

See the following UML video on Use Case Diagram: -

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