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QuestPond's Interview Questions & Answers on SSIS, SSAS and SSRS(MSBI)

How to create Cubes using SSAS?

It's simply a 4 step process.

1. Create a new Analysis service project. Open your Business Intelligence studio or Sql server data tools.

2. Create data source - In the analysis service project you will find couple of folders.
    Datasource represents the storage from where cube will get its data.

a. Right click the datasource project and select new datasource.

b. Enter Server information and select database.(Your data warehouse Database)

c. Enter the impersonation information (Enter the user name and password with appropriate credentials) and click Next

d. Enter Datasource Name and click Finish

3. Create Datasource View - It will let us define what all objects(tables) in datasource are going to be used in cube generation.

a. Right click the "Data Source Views" folder and select new Data source view

b. Select the datasource created in the last step.

c. Select the required tables and click Next

d. Enter Datasource view name and click finish.

4. Create cube

a. Right click the cube folder and select New Cube.

b. Use "Existing tables" option.

c. Select measure tables (Fact tables) from the list (table which contain numbers).

d. Select measure fields in the measure table.

e. Select the dimensions from the list

f. Enter cube name and click finish.

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