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What are navigation properties in Entity framework?(ADO.NET Entity framework interview questions)

This question is taken from the book .NET interview question published by Bpbpulications.


Navigation properties help to navigate from one entity to the other entity. For instance consider the below example in which we have two entities customer and address and one customer has multiple address objects.


Now we would like to have a facility where at any given moment we would like to browse from a given customer object to the addresses collection and from address object to the customer.


If you open the entity designer you would notice "Navigation" properties as shown below. The navigation properties are automatically created from the primary and foreign key references.




So now because of those navigation properties we can browse from Customer to addresses object , look at the below code.


Customer Cust =  oContext.Customers.ToList()[0];

// From customer are browsing addresses


Addresses = Cust.Addresses.ToList


You can also go vice versa. In other words from the address object you can reference the customer object as shown in the below code.


Address myAddress = Addresses[0];


// From address we can browse customer

Customer cus = myAddress.Customer;


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