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What are resources in WPF? (C# WPF Interview questions with answers)

Resources are objects referred in WPF XAML. In C# code when we create an object we do the following three steps:-

using CustomerNameSpace; // import the namespace.

Customer obj = new Customer(); // Create object of the class

Textbox1.text = obj.CustomerCode; // Bind the object with UI elements

So even in WPF XAML to define resources which are nothing but objects we need to the above 3 steps :-

  • Import namespace where the class resides: - To define namespace we need to use the "xmlns" attribute as shown in the below XAML code.




        Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525">

  • Create object of the class :- To create an object of the class in XAML we need to create a resource by using the resource tag as the below code. You can the object name is 'custobj".


<custns:Customer x:Key="custobj"/>


The above code you can map to something like this in C#

Customer custobj = new Customer();

  • Bind the object with UI objects :- Once the object is created we can then bind them using bindings like one way , two way as explained in "Explain one way, two way, one time and one way to source?".

Please see this WPF binding interview question from here http://questpond.blog.com/2013/11/11/explain-wpf-bindings-net-wpf-binding-interview-questions/

<TextBox Text="Binding CustomerCode, Mode=TwoWay, Source=StaticResource custobj}}" />

Below video explain what is WPF and how they differ from Windows form

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